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Tillett C1 Car Seat

Tillett C1 Car Seat

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    This competition focused seat is a new direction for Tillett Racing Seats and is based on our popular B6 Screamer. It retains the compact dimensions of the B6 but also has a side impact head support.

    The seat can be used comfortably without any lower padding, giving ultimate feel and feedback but at the same time retains great peripheral vision, which is essential in a competition seat. The ability of this seat to be used without covering and the carefully sculptured shape mean that you can achieve a lower driving position with more legroom than most of the competition. Its perfect ergonomic shape gives excellent support, whilst at the same time leaving the shoulders free to help steer the car unhindered.

    The C1 is ultra rigid but under impact envelops and decelerates the occupant in a controlled and limited way to avoid injury. This safely keeps the competitor in the intended position within the cockpit. The rigidity is vital for stopping the harness and Hans device from becoming loose during an accident. Another benefit is that the uncovered version is ideal in harsh environments.

    The C1 has an XL size for drivers of over 100 kg with a waist size over 36 inches.

    These seats are manufactured using our internally developed moulding system, which creates perfect laminates which are super strong and consistent.

    The C1 is supplied as standard with three Dinamica® suede covered headrest pads. As an extra cost option additional padded Dinamica® cushion and back panels are also available. The weight of the C1 and C1 XL is light from 7.1 kg, or 8.1 kg including the suede covered cushion and back panels. With the C1 you have the choice to order a 41 or 44 cm front and both types are the same size internally. The C1-41 version is made to allow fitment between the gearbox tunnel and the door sill of a restricted width cockpit.

    With the XL size you have the C1-44 XL for those vehicles that have a narrow cockpit and the C1-47 XL for cars where the space is available.

    With the C1-44 and C1-47 XL the continuous rolled edge of the composite is uncut, giving a more aesthetically pleasing line to the edge of the seat and making it easier to slide in and out of the car quickly. Therefore, if you have the space, we recommend using this model.

    Both cut and uncut models are FIA homologated to 8855-1999.

    Seat specifications available

    • C1-41 / C1-44 Carbon GRP
    • C1-41 / C1-44 Black GRP
    • C1-44 XL / C1-47 XL Carbon GRP
    • C1-44 XL / C1-47 XL Black GRP

    (All weights quoted are + or – 10%)


    • Driver is connected positively to the tyres and road surface
    • FIA race seat approved to 8855-1999 homologation test
    • Saloon car seating angle with full leg support and head support
    • Two edge cuts, C1-41 for narrow cars and C1-44 with a rolled edge
    • Strength and rigidity of a twin skin moulding
    • 7.1kg, weights can vary by 10%
    • Choice of high gloss carbon/GRP, or black gloss GRP finish
    • Driver is lower compared to other competition seats
    • Extremely compact
    • Suits drivers up to 100 kg 36 inch jeans waist size
    • Compatible with a race harness and a 20° Hans device (5 or 6 point race harness recommended)
    • Stainless steel side mounting points
    • Dinamica® covered headrest panel included as standard.
    • Option of cushion and back panels covered in Dinamica® suede
    • Panel set weight is approximately 1kg
    • Body mirroring shape is comfortable without padding
    • A great option for open top cars and harsh environments
    • Compatible with Tillett 2° side mount brackets
    • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom


    These seats have 2° bracket options for a generic flat floor, EB options for the Lotus Elise/Exige and Mazda MX5 options:

    • STBi are 5 mm powder coated and point inwards
    • STBO are 5 mm powder coated and point outwards
    • STBT bracket that is 30mm taller for saloon cars
    • TB FIA aluminium billet brackets point outwards and are used in all Tillett FIA crash tests
      (See bracket section for more information)

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